Subtitled: Stories That Celebrate Life's Defining Moments.

We all experience moments when we glimpse our potential as human beings: situations in which compassion leads us to work for a greater good. In Gifts of the Heart, Bettie B. Youngs demonstrates this ideal in 27 inspiring "parables" that show it's often how we choose to handle a situation-not the situation itself-that infuses our lives with new meaning. These real life lessons-often passed on in subtle ways during "defining moments"-are genuine, potent and precious.

The message in this companion to Youngs' popular Values from the Heartland couldn't be more timely. In our age of sweeping societal change, Youngs' inspiring storines will remind you that the tools for positive change in your home, workplace and neighborhood - and even on a global level-exist within your heart. Through her loving example, she shows you the path to greater tolerence, acceptence, kindness, forgiveness and grace.

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