Subtitled: A Guidebook for the journey of bereavement. This thorough and sensitive book is intended for those who are facing the prospect of the death of a loved one and for lthose who are bereaved. Filled with the experience and insight of a professional psychotherapist, the book offers practical, down-to-earth advice and encouragement for every stage of the journey.

Part I deals with Facing the Loss, the bad news, the process of dying and living with the dying, and then the death itself and all of the various challenges which it involves.

Part II deals with Experiencing the Pain. It brings the reader through the grieving process and deals gently and carefully with the wide range of feelings, emotions and problems which may arise at this time.

Part III is about the Specific Kinds of Grief and Grieving and it deals with deaths in special circumstances and the specific needs of people in these situations. It also looks at the loss of children and how to help children who are grieving.

Part IV is on Help for the Journey and covers counselling and therapy, how individuals can help those who are grieving, and finally the place of ritual in the grieving process.

Part V looks to the future and deals with Learning to Live Again.

The style throughout is warm and caring and the book as a whole offers a very positive vision of hope and growth through the experience of bereavement.

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