NEW AMERICAN BIBLE (Giant Print)(St. Joseph)(Catholic Book)($29.95)*

CBP: 0-89942 (616/04)

New edition of the New American translation of the Bible that features the largest type of any Catholic Bible in a comparable size (6 inches x 9 inches). The text itself is arranged for easy reading. Also includes notes at the end of each book, the Vatican II Constitution on Divine Revelation, a Family Record page and a Land of the Bible map in full color.

Available with several different covers and prices as follows:

  1. Burgundy Flexible Cover: $27.95 ($29.95)(#616-6)(Code: 616/04);
  2. Red Cloth: $30.95 ($33.50)(#617-4)(Code: 616/67);
  3. Maroon Imitation Leather: $36.95 ($39)(#619-0)(Code: 616/10R);
  4. Burgundy Bonded Leather (recommended for durability of use): $48.95 ($51)(#620-4)(Code: 616/13BG)(includes free shipping); and,
  5. Green Bonded Leather (recommended for durability of use): $48.95 ($51)(#622-0)(Code: 616/13GN)(includes free shipping).
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