ANGELS ALL AROUND US (Video)($19.95)


Stories of real-life experiences with angels and lives that were changed forever. Throughout sacred Scripture, angels give us a glimpse of a spiritual universe beyond our own. Angels help and guard...they lead us to safety...they appear to us in times of trouble...they bring messages to us when we seek God's will and strength in our lives.

Seven out of ten Americans, regardless of their religious faith, believe in angels. This video tells the true story of the encounters of ordinary people with these heavenly beings.

Joan Anderson, a leading expert on angels and a popular author of bestselling books on the subject (Where Angels Walk and others), discusses her own encounter with angelic forces in her life. She also shares the fruit of years of personal research to outline the four types of angelic experiences.

After watching Angels All Around Us, you may conclude that you or someone you know at one time or another has been touched by an angel!

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