JESUS CODE, THE by John Randolph Price ($11.95)

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In a very vivid dream during the night of January 1, 1998, John Randolph Price was emphatically denied access to the secret gate leading to Cosmic Consciousness. Both curious and concerned, he pondered what to do next. Then suddenly he was given the specific instruction: See Jesus for the Code.

He began the task immediately upon awakening, first with quiet prayer to become attuned to the "mind which was in Christ Jesus," followed by several days of meditative inner plane work. There was little progress until he took a break from the project and went for a long walk in the woods. And it was there that he heard the central message of the Code - a challenge for all of us to embrace a new Model of Reality, and change our perspective on what it means to be "spiritual" in this world.

From this mystical experience came specific steps to higher consciousness - a ladder to climb to a new dimension where the illusions of sickness, scarcity, and discord are shattered; and a world of wholeness, abundance, and right relations is revealed. He was also given a glimpse of the future as we move toward the 2000 millennium, and how lasting peace will finally come to Earth.

Table of Contents



  1. Begin Anew
  2. Know God Aright
  3. Understand the Nature of Soul
  4. Understand Immortality
  5. Dedicate Yourself to the Spiritual Life
  6. Rise above Karma
  7. Understand the Solutions to Problems
  8. Understand True Prayer
  9. See the Highest Vision
  10. Know the One Healing Presence
  11. Heal Thyself
  12. Understand That Scarcity Has No Reality
  13. Understand the Nature of Supply
  14. Do Not Depend on Anything in the External World
  15. Trust the Ring of Protection
  16. See Everything for the Good of All
  17. Understand the Will of God
  18. Know That Spirit Does Not Forsake
  19. Understand There Is No Duality
  20. Know the Dangers of Spiritual Pride
  21. Be Yourself
  22. Live Only As Spiritual Consciousness
  23. See the Paranormal As Normal
  24. See No Separation Between Planes of Existence
  25. See Only Peace

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    About the Author....

Excerpt: Introduction

On the night of January 1, 1998, I had an experience that led to the discovery of the Jesus Code. The word code comes from the Latin Codex, meaning "a book of laws or principles" - in this case representing particular steps to a deeper awareness, understand-ing, and knowledge of our true nature.

It all began in a dream. I was seated in front of my computer trying to bring up a master document on cosmic consciousness. Suddenly two large words filled the screen: ACCESS DENIED. I stared at the screen wondering what to do next. Then across the bottom appeared these words in red letters: See Jesus for the code.

I woke up with a feeling best described as startled and excited - surprised at being denied admittance to higher understanding, yet greatly inspired to follow the instructions given. I must admit that for most of my early adult life, my relationship with Jesus was rather impersonal - primarily because of the Catholic Church's portrayal of him as a somber, sorrowful, sacrificial martyr, with suffering and persecution the necessary elements of discipleship. But the remnants of this attitude left me when I began doing research in the late 1970s for my first book The Superbeings, so I was eager to follow the assignment.

Prayerful, listening meditations produced bits and pieces of information, but it was not until I took a break from the project one day and went for a walk in the woods with my dogs that the first part of the Code was given. I was enjoying the cool, fresh air when suddenly I heard the message - not audible words, but a clear voice in my mind. It said:

Be me . . . everyone is the Son of God, the Christ, and I am your brother in the family of God. Identify as me, as what I represent, not only as the Christ but as individual being with body, personality, mind, feelings, and spirit as one. Be me! Be the whole person I represent. The Code is to believe . . . I AM AS JESUS.

There was more, but let's pause here. First, do not be turned off by the term Christ. It is pre-Christian and came from Plato's Christos, meaning "the True Self of everyone." Second, for centuries our attention has been directed either to the Christian Jesus as the only God-in-the-flesh, the only Begotten, the one Lord and Savior of mankind - or as God's perfect idea of individual being in expression, the great Example of what we all may someday become. The former has been redefined in accordance with Jesus' true mission and purpose by the enlightened ones for 2,000 years, and the latter considered for all practical purposes a near-impossible goal to reach in life.

Mystical writings have also emphasized that we are not a body, that the ego of personality must be dissolved, and that we must die daily to our personal sense. But now, at least for me, a new perspective was given. The communication of the Code continued:

You have a physical body just as I did, so do not attempt to sacrifice it on the altar of spirituality. Use the body proudly, love it, and care for it as a visible expression of yourself.

You are consciousness; therefore, you have a personality, as I do, which is an expression of your uniqueness. Do not deny or condemn it or the world will lose a particular flavor in the great miscellany of life.

You have a mind with which to think. Do not lose it through atrophy in an attempt to become more spiritual in non-thought. The mind that was in Christ Jesus is every mind; there is no mortal or carnal mind.

You have feelings, as I do, otherwise you would be an automaton. Do not suppress them. Truly express your love and joy, your tenderness and compassion. If a false emotion stirs you from past conditioning, transmute it through harmlessness.

You are the Spirit of God, which I am and everyone is. The one Life, your Life, as the perfection of God must forever remain so. Unite with the Truth of me to discover your own Reality.

By identifying as me, as Representative Being, you and others will recognize your completeness, for God does not exist as separate Being. In Truth there is nothing to overcome, nothing to redeem, nothing to heal . . . only beliefs to the contrary to be corrected.

Do I believe that this communication came directly from Jesus? We share the universal Christ Consciousness individually as our divine Selfhood, so to receive specific messages from "this mind which was in Christ Jesus" is quite common for those on the spiritual path - including many who are reading this book. And the Jesus-the-man energy - ever available to us in this planetary force field when we are receptive to it - also contributes a certain tone and flavor from the vantage point of someone who has walked the earth with body and personality. So yes, I do believe that the words, which were interpreted through the filter of my conscious-ness, came from the whole person of Jesus.

My understanding is that the communication represents a call for all of us to awaken and go forth into the world as spiritual beings temporarily clothed in physical form and expressing as a unique personality, that we are not to deny any part of us. Rather, we are to look at the Jesus Model for our completeness - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Again, do not let the Jesus Code signal a return to the negative feelings of orthodox religion and the church concept of Jesus with all its judgments, sin, sacrifice, blood-shedding, and vicarious death. The Code moves beyond that false teaching and emphasizes that Jesus is a joyful and loving brother who is showing us that a physical life with thoughts and feelings conveying a personality on earth is no less spiritual than the invisible masters who dwell in other dimensions.

In essence, he is saying, "I was physical, I had a personality, I used my mind, and I expressed my feelings - all in unison as the Spirit of God, which all of you are. So stand strong as a complete person, apologizing not for wearing a coat of skin or for being the sum-total of your experiences. The world needs you as you are, and your false beliefs will be corrected as you take all of you into spiritual consciousness."

Over a period of several weeks following the initial Code input, specific steps to spiritual or higher consciousness came into my mind, some of which I had already contemplated as separate issues or principles. But now, everything began to come together as a ladder to climb to a new dimension of Reality where the illusions of sickness, scarcity, and discord are shattered; and a world of wholeness, abundance, and right relations is revealed. I show the lesson received at the beginning of each chapter, and then add my own interpretation, relative personal experiences, and/or meditations for greater understanding.

I later looked at JESUS The Son of Man by Kahlil Gibran, and certain passages leaped out at me, as though to document what was said in the Code. Those who knew him talked about the rhythm of his step and the movement of his body, his playfulness and laughter, his thoughtful contemplations, his feelings of love and joy, and his recognition of the truth of everyone. He represented the complete person, and he simply asks that we view that completeness as our very own - I am as Jesus, not to come, but now.

Gibran also shared the views of those who were not Jesus' friends. They called him a magician, drunkard, rabble-rouser, corrupter, woman-seeker, friend of prostitutes, and lawbreaker. This only added another dimension to the Code. It made me realize even more that Jesus was no different from us, in that our personality - the identity we present to the world - may not be liked by everyone. As long as we're playing a role on the world stage - as everyone on the planet is - people are going to see us from contrasting perspectives, and that's all right. Let's just be true to ourselves, put away our defenses, and get on with the work of being the whole person we are - an "individual being with body, personality, mind, feelings, and spirit as one."

Let's accept the basic premise of the Code - I am as Jesus - and keep that truth etched firmly in mind as we climb the steps of the spiritual ladder to a new reality of life and living.

It is time.

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