Mark Link's renowned series of illustrated short homilies for each Sunday and major feast of the three-year lectionary cycle. Three complete run-throughs are available as Series I, II and III. Worth the investment just for the stories!

There are several different options available for this series of homilies:

  1. Year A, Series I: $69.95
  2. Year A, Series II: $69.95
  3. Year A, Series III: $69.95
  4. Year A, Series I, II & III: $199.95
  5. Year B, Series I: $69.95
  6. Year B, Series II: $69.95
  7. Year B, Series III: $69.95
  8. Year B, Series I, II & III: $199.95
  9. Year C, Series I: $69.95
  10. Year C, Series II: $69.95
  11. Year C, Series III: $69.95
  12. Year C, Series I, II & III: $199.95
  13. Years A, B & C, Series I, II & III (9 files): $589.95
Please indicate your preference when ordering. If ordering more than one binder or any set, the price will be adjusted upon receipt of your order but will not be reflected on your program-generated receipt.

These are excellent resources for your homiletic preparations, with several memorable stories included each week. A worthwhile investment in your preaching!

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