CRUCIFIED CHRIST IN HOLY WEEK by Raymond Brown ($7.95)*


Each year during Holy Week the Church reads accounts of Jesus' passion. On Palm (Passion) Sunday the account is from one of the first three Gospels (Matthew, Mark, or Luke), while on Good Friday it is always from John. Thus the liturgy makes it possible to note how very different the Gospel passions are, each one offering a unique vantage point from which to see and understand a crucified Christ.

We have all heard of the seven words of Jesus on the cross. In fact, however, Jesus says only one "word" in Matthew and Mark, three other "words" of very different import in Luke, and still three more different "words" in John. Separating these words as the evangelists intended rather than gluing them together offers Christians a much richer way to understand the demands of the cross in their own lives.

Raymond E. Brown, S.S. (1928-1998) was ordained in 1953 and was Auburn Distinguished Professor (Emeritus) of Biblical Studies at Union Theological Seminary in New York City. Author of some twenty-five books on the Bible and past president of three of the most important biblical societies in the world, he served by the Pope's appointment as member of the Roman Pontifical Biblical Commission. Time magazine has called him "probably the premier Catholic Scripture scholar in the US".


General Observations on the Passion Narratives

The Passion According to Mark

The Passion According to Matthew

The Passion According to Luke

The Passion According to John

Diverse Portrayals of the Crucified Jesus

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