WELLSPRINGS by Anthony de Mello ($11)

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One of the most important inspirational writers of our time, and an internationally acclaimed spiritual guide, Anthony de Mello here presents a way toward peace of mind and inner power and joy through simple teachings and spiritual exercises that blend the ancient traditions of the East with the psychological and philosophical perspectives of the West. His WELLSPRINGS is intended to guide us to a deeper appreciation of the physical and mystical realms within us.

He explores many areas of contemplation and self-awareness that are too often left uncultivated in today's fast-paced society. In the tradition of the great spiritual leaders of the past, de Mello directs the whole person to a state of harmony and grace--in the heart and mind, in the body and soul. His unique approach and helpful insights into our universal spiritual yearnings have won him a huge following worldwide.

WELLSPRINGS is indeed a book for everyone who thirsts for spiritual guidance and interior growth - regardless of age, religion, or cultural orientation. If read slowly, its exercises will "lead from mind to sense, from thought to fantasy and feeling." It is then that we are both freed and empowered, awakened to reality and our real selves. For, as the teacher explains, "in solitude your self is given back to you."

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