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[Canada: ($14) $11.95] What Does It Mean to Be a Healer in the Modern World? In this hope-filled and profoundly simple book, Nouwen offers a radically fresh interpretation of modern ministry. Here he inspires devoted men and women who want to be of service in their church or community, but have found the traditional ways of ministry alienating and ineffective.

According to Nouwen, ministers are called to identify the suffering in their own hearts and make that recognition the starting point of their service. For Nouwen, ministers must be willing to go beyond their professional, somewhat aloof role and leave themselves open as fellow human beings with the same wounds and suffering as those they serve. In other words, we heal from our wounds.

"One's overall response to the book has to be 'Yes.' Yes, this describes a style of ministry desperately needed by all of us in the churches. Since we all minister to each other, the book is well recommended to those beyond the ranks of professional clergy .... Perhaps, just perhaps, prayer- ful reflection on this book will help many of us leave behind what was pompous and magical in the priesthood and enter into the mystery of Christian ministry, with the help of the first Wounded Healer."--America

"... a lucid and profoundly simple book .... As a combination of creative case studies, stories from diverse cultures and religious traditions, perceptive cultural analysis, in-depth psychological and religious insights, and a balanced and creative theology, this small volume should prove exciting and intelligible for both clergy and laity." --The Christian Century

"The Wounded Healer is Nouwen at his best....For a short book, the ideas it implants linger long after the book is read, and re-read. It is realistic, hopeful and very, very personal. Highly recommended .... "--Best Sellers

"... pervading [these] pages is a sense of spiritual depth. [It] is a book to give hope, renewed confidence and vision to the faltering will of the minister. Nouwen has stood in his shoes and speaks from a depth of insight and compassion."--United Church Observer

"What Father Nouwen has to say is real and challenging; straightforward, but not easy; basic, but by no means bookish."--The Critic

"With his usual insightful penetration and ability to articulate [Nouwen] provides much food for thought....I would highly recommend this book to all priests, sisters, and brothers as well as to all who recognize that in calling themselves Christian they are called to be ministers of healing."--Review for Religious

"This is a useful book for pastors seeking to fight out of confusion and despair in order to aid those other hurting humans. Both a meditational book and a manual of practice, it is well worth [buying]."--Christian Advocate

"This book offers some very sensitive and thought- provoking answers to the question 'What does it mean to be a minister in our contemporary society?' Anyone who seriously asks this question owes himself the short time it takes to read this book and the longer time for reflection which it should stimulate." - Catholic Star Herald

"I wish I could send this book to every seminary, rectory and parsonage in the country. Nouwen examines problems of the ministry in contemporary society . . . [in] a book which comes to the heart of the matter." - The Record

"With its emphasis on the humanity common to minister and believer, the book takes on the character of an ex- hortation to love .... An interestingly affective work for use by clergymen, both Catholic and Protestant." --Virginia Kirkus Service.

"This is a book which all of us can profitably read and meditate on. It might even drive us to prayer." - The Sign

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