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During his seven-moth stay in a Trappist monastery, Henri Nouwen had a unique opportunity to explore crucial issues of the spiritual life and discover "a quiet stream underneath the fluctuating affirmations and rejections of my little world." Nouwen participated fully in the daily life of the Abbey of the Genesee in upstate New York - in work and in prayer. From the early weeks in the abbey - dominated by conflicting desires and concerns - to the final days of Advent, when he finds a new sense of calm expectation, Nouwen never loses his critical honesty. Insightful, compassionate, often humorous, always realistic. The Genesee Diary is both an inspiration and a challenge to those who are in search of themselves.

"This is an extraordinary account of a man seeking inner peace and total commitment to God .... a fine portrait of cloistered life, a beautifully written account of one man's soul-searching." - Publishers Weekly

"... a unique and personal document. What emerges is the baring of a very gifted writer's soul. Nouwen's devastating frankness in his soul-searchlng is a great aid in helping the reader identify with him as he opens his soul to his spiritual master." -Patrick Hart in America

"Reading this book is a wonderful experience. The Genesee Diary is a superb report about joy and God and Henri Nouwen. The power of Nouwen's diary lies in its capacity to shatter such favorite illusions and return them to us in truer form." --Cross Currents

"This unsparingly honest book is inspirational in the best sense. It inspires confidence in the author; it inspires one to imitation without false expectation; it inspires trust in ancient ways of judgment and prayer which the trend think to be outmoded. And it is packed with comments, descriptions, and incidents which are delightful and instructive." - Our Sunday Visitor

"For easygoing reflection and fresh insight into the mo- nastic life, Nouwen's diary is tops. He records his moods and observations during seven months as a 'temporary Trappist' and leaves us with a realistic look at the power and grace of the monastic vocation - a vocation which does not solve all problems in our life, but helps one to praise God with new vigor. Nouwen emerges with a new strength to deal with the human condition, and we can profit from his pilgrimage." -The Christian Century

"The Genesee Diary, by Henri J. M. Nouwen, is a positively superior item." -The Church World

"Nouwen's depiction of life at the monastery-the regimen of work, prayer, and liturgy; the significance of the abbot and the monastic brotherhood-provides a valuable account of contemporary Trappist life in America. His unusually candid personal reflections, which range from the merely commonplace to the perceptive, constitute the other dimension of the book. The Genesee Diary owes much of its growing popularity to the Mertonian quality of its more illuminating passages and to the fresh yet traditional nature of its message." - Religious Studies Review

"The Genesee Diary is far and away one of the most rewarding books I have read in years, because it so beautifully lifts the heart and mind to God and the Savior." -Christianity Today.

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