HANDBOOK FOR MINISTERS OF CARE by Marilyn Kofler et al ($8)*

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Writing in the year 150, the martyr Justin described the eucharist of the early church and noted that when the liturgy was finished, the consecrated elements of the sacrificial meal were taken carefully and lovingly to any who were unable to be present: the aged, the infirm, the sick and the imprisoned.

The renewal of the church and of the liturgy brought about by the Second Vatican Council has prompted a wonderful activity in parishes: Ordinary parishioners are visiting those who cannot come to the Sunday assembly. The sick, the elderly, the homebound, the imprisoned - joined to the parish by these ministers of care are nourished as members of Christ's body with word and sacrament. And the bonds of charity are strengthened.

This is a manual for those already involved in the ministry of care, and for those preparing to undertake this vital work. Here you will learn:

Genevieve Glen is a Benedictine nun of St. Walberga Abbey in Boulder, Colorado, and a recognized authority on the Pastoral Care of the Sick, revised by the authority of the Second Vatican Council.

Marilyn Kofler, a Sister of Providence of St. Mary-in-the-Woods, Indiana, has much experience in the ministry of care, liturgy and other parish work, She works at the Pastoral Center of the archdiocese of Chicago.

Kevin E. O'Connor is a professional speaker, and marriage and family counselor, and teaches graduate students at Loyola University of Chicago. He has experience as a minister of care in his parish.

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