CHORUS OF WITNESSES edited by Thomas Long & Cornelius Plantinga, Jr. ($22)

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Just as aspiring composers learn by studying Haydn symphonies and Bartok string quartets, so students of preaching benefit greatly from studying remarkable sermons by such gifted preachers as Frederick Buechner, the Buttricks, and Barbara Brown Taylor. To make model sermons more accessible, Thomas G. Long and Cornelius Plantinga, Jr., have compiled this anthology of mostly contemporary sermons that display excellence in form, aim, style, and content.

Developed and delivered by renowned ministers, theologians, and professors with a wide range of backgrounds and denominational affiliations, the thirty-six entries in this volume include sermons that make artful use of their sources, that pursue classic aims, that exhibit particular homiletic forms and dynamics, and that are suited to special occasions.

A Chorus of Witnesses will also appeal to established preachers seeking to enrich their familiarity with sermon styles and to Christian readers who wish to learn more about their faith and their Lord.

"A wonderful collection! This is a volume that must be read and reread, savored and studied, analyzed and emulated by all who care about good preaching." - RICHARD J. HOUW, Fuller Theological Seminary

"This is a superb collection of sermons that can edify and inspire both preachers and parishioners. These 'models' will help inform better biblical sermons and stimulate more powerful and provocative proclamation of the gospel today." - JOHN M. MULDER, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

"An indispensable collection for learners in the pulpit as well as for experienced preachers." - RICHARD LISCHER, The Divinity School, Duke University

THOMAS G. LONG is the Francis Landey Patton Professor of Preaching and Worship at Princeton Theological Seminary. He is the author or editor of seven books on preaching, including The Witness of Preaching and Preaching and the Literary Forms of the Bible.

CORNELIUS PLANTINGA, JR., is professor of systematic theology at Calvin Theological Seminary and associate minister of Woodlawn Christian Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is the coeditor of Trinity, Incarnation, and Atonement and the author of four books, including the forthcoming work Not the Way It's Supposed to Be, a study of the nature of sin.

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