PREACHING BIBLICAL TEXTS by Fredrick Carlson Holmgren and Herman E. Schaalman ($18)

EER: 0-8028-0814-X

This excellent collection of expositions of texts from the Torah/Pentateuch by eminent Jewish and Christian scholars clearly demonstrates the distinctive approaches taken to the text by representatives of the Jewish and Christian traditions.

Contributors: Walter Brueggemann °ree; Elizabeth Achtemeier °ree; Gunther Plaut °ree; Kathleen Farmer · Lou Silberman °ree; Herman Schaalman °ree; Lawrence Boa& · A. Stanley Dreyfus °ree; Donald Gowan · Samuel Karff °ree; Fredrick Holmgren °ree; Carroll Stuhlmueller · Jerome R. Malino · Blu Greenberg

"Exceptional, stimulating, and enlightening....Joining efforts with other prominent Jewish and Christian scholars, the editors have provided a book that offers an entree to the biblical text for the uninitiated, new insights into familiar texts for the initiated, a treasure trove of sermomc possibilities for the homilist, and profound insight into the common roots and historically divergent branches of Jewish and Christian biblical hermeneutics." --RABBI BYRON L. SHERWIN, Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies

"This new volume by two leading figures in the Jewish-Christian dialogue is just what the doctor ordered ....These Jewish and Christian scholars and pastoral leaders provide us with excellent examples of how to communicate the new vision of Jewish-Christian understanding through the biblical word. Preaching Biblical Texts meets a long-standing need in a masterful way" --JOHN T. PAWLIKOWSKI, O.S.M., Catholic Theological Union

"This book offers us the occasion to celebrate both the continuity and the different nuances seen in texts by Jewish and Christian scholars. The contributors reflect a deep respect for the biblical text as well as its ongoing relevance to contemporary life. They have made the challenge of preaching simpler and more provocative." --JAMES SUNDHOLM Pastor, Community Covenant Church, Minneapolis

"An important book....The editors have included an impressive roster of scholars in this volume, and it is my fond hope that it will receive a warm reception in clerical circles." -- RABBI ALEXANDER M. SCHINDLER, President, Union of American Hebrew Congregations

FREDRICK C. HOLMGREN is professor of biblical literature, North Park Theological Seminary, Chicago, Illinois. He is coeditor of the INTERNATIONAL THEOLOGICAL COMMENTARY series and the author of several books on Old Testament studies.

HERMAN E. SCHAALMAN is rabbi emeritus at Emanuel Congregation of Chicago and holds the Jewish Chautauqua Society resident lectureship at Garrett Evangelical Seminary and Chicago Theological Seminary.

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