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"If the Christian church is to maintain an aggressive witness in this generation, and if believers in Christ are to grow and to develop into mature and effectively functioning Christians, then it is of the utmost importance that pastors, teachers, and other leaders in the church provide "the sincere milk of the Word" through Bible-centered and Bible-derived messages for their people.

It is a pleasure, therefore, to commend to the Christian public the excellent volume of the Rev. James Braga, How to Prepare Bible Messages.

This is not the usual book on sermon preparation which simply describes types of sermons and includes a sampling of the author's best, but a true "how-to" manual which guides the individual in the step-by-step process of building the sermon.

The book is divided into two major portions, the first of which presents a definition and discussion of each of the principal types of sermons--topical, textual, and expository--with basic principles and illustrations to guide the prospective sermon builder. The second division of the book deals with the mechanics of sermon construction, considering homiletical structure, the title, the introduction, the proposition, the divisions, the discussion, the use of illustrations, the application, and the conclusion. Throughout the work, basic principles are stressed and interestingly illustrated, so that the volume lives up to its title as a "how-to" tool intended to aid the worker in his own preparation of messages.

A set of exercises at the close of each chapter makes the book more useful in personal study. A bibliography at the end of each chapter further enhances the value of the work for anyone who wishes to broaden their knowledge in this field.

As one reads this volume, the impression comes repeatedly that here is a work which reflects a lifetime of personal study of the Word combined with a deep reverence for the sacredness of a task and a desire to help God's people understand and communicate the precious truths of the Book.

Having known the author as a fellow faculty member and personal friend in the ministry of the Word in our school, I have come to respect him deeply as a careful student of the Bible whose life and testimony have been a blessing to all on our campus. His book deserves careful consideration on the part of all who seek to improve their skills in preparing Bible messages. - Ted L. Bradley, Multnomah School of the Bible.

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