TENDER WARRIOR by Stu Weber ($13)

MUL: 1-57673-335-1

"Let me shoot straight with you. You are holding in your hands a great book. Tender Warrioris a great book because it is written by a great leader. Wherever Stu Weber has gone over the last twenty five years, he has been a superb leader of men. He has led on the football field, behind enemy lines in Vietnam as a member of the Special Forces, in a growing and dynamic church in the Pacific Northwest, and most importantly, he has led his family It doesn't take much time watching his three sons to realize that these young men were raised by a unique leader.

Tender Warrior is a title that describes the author. You could drop Stu in the middle of a jungle without any tools, weapons, or provisions and he would be just fine. That's toughness. But you can also put Stu into a group of people and it won't take him long to identify the one with a broken heart or a broken dream. That's tenderness. The bottom line is this: Stu is a great leader of men because he is a superb follower of Christ. That's why I like to hang around Stu: I always come away with a little more balance. In a day like ours when books written to men roll off the presses like cheeseburgers coming through a drive-through window, Tender Warrior is a piece of aged and tender New York steak, seared to perfection and sizzling with juices that confirm just the right splash of seasoning. Many men will read this book Even more will study this book. But most men will devour this book. Believe me. It's that good. - STEVE FARRAR, Dallas, Texas

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