STATIONS OF THE CROSS (arranged for Readers' Theatre)(by Peter McIver & Anne Bedessem)+

OCP: 1-56929-023-7

Use the dramatic effects of Readers Theatre to enrich your parish's experience of this traditional form of devotion. This is not a performance, but a prayer service that requires a minimum of props and lighting.

"It was developed over an eight year period and designed for a parish Lenten program. We have found Good Friday night to be most timely, but other times are appropriate as well.

The service begins with all the witnesses processing in during the opening hymn and then forming a semi-circle across the sanctuary. Chairs for the witnesses are set in the background, and the presentations take place in the foreground. The witnesses move forward during the introduction of their station, and return to their seats during the prayer.

At the conclusion of the service, and after the Lord's Prayer, all in the church remain in silence. After approximately thirty seconds, a lone voice begins singing a cappella What Wondrous Love Is This. Then slowly the lights begin to come on, and the congregation is invited to join in the singing, and the witnesses process out during the hymn." - from the Preface.

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