CULTURAL WORLD OF JESUS by John Pilch ($18.95)*

Scripture expert John J. Pilch highlights aspects of the first-century, Eastern Mediterranean cultural world in which Jesus lived and suggests a cross-cultural comparison with contemporary Western culture. Homilists on the lookout for a fresher approach to interpreting the lectionary texts will enjoy this book. In analyzing the text, Pilch notes many cultural assumptions and circumstances that stand behind the gospel texts and often provide leads for new insights into their interpretation.

Available for each year of the liturgical cycle or as a set of all three books. Please specify your preference when ordering. Prices are as follows:

  1. Cycle A: $14.95 (list: $18.95)(#2286-0)
  2. Cycle B: $12.95 (list: $14.95)(#2287-9)
  3. Cycle C: $12.95 (list: $14.95)(#2288-7)

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