O God Who Comes from Far Away

O God, Who Comes from Far Away Text by Bill LeMosy

Text: Jeremiah 33:14-16
Tune: CM tunes like “Amazing Grace”
For Advent 1, 2006 (Year C)

O God who comes from far away
yet nearer than all life,
who from the branch of David grows:
you rise up from the strife.

You bring about a righteousness
that lights the dreadful night,
you offer justice to the world
when we would live by might.

The promises you made of old
we treat as ancient lore,
yet in the hovels of the poor
you beckon from the door.

O One who rises from below
our sullen earthly gaze,
convert us now, un-cloud our eyes,
our common lives amaze.

Help us to hear with inner ears
the Word beyond all space,
help us to pray with moving feet
and move beyond this place.

Impel us by your promised reign
to justly walk our way;
as people of your new domain
we stumble forth today.
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