mustard parable

Lectionary 11 Mark 4. 26-34 parables of the kingdom
mustard parable by Harvey S. Mozolak
the mouths of nestlings open amid the butter-leafed flowers green leaves and mustard seed pods flecked with fruit for the hands of a harvester gathering a bag of tiny gold pearls to string within the soil shrubs carefully picked dried and ground in handfuls mulled in a small gold jar to smear tart vinegar into taste seasoning the stories for the mealmaker creating greater hunger entire tables of the stem-hewn
the stalk, the head, the grain and the birds of the air by Harvey S. Mozolak
a growing world draped and carpeted in green so thick we shape it into walls and shelves saw wide floors and nail a roof in place to keep the heavens out this growing kingdom a body forsaken of its limbs on pale lumber stripped maned by blood and nailed in place to keep the earth within a small bird sparrow-like chases a hawk across the sky and away from the bush where her hope is altared shelled in fragile faith as the shade and seed of as yet unseen flight to keep the growing God of heaven and earth aloft and alight upon our nesting place