Poem/Prayer for Worship

Poem/Prayer for Worship by Thom Shuman
is my cross only a part of the pocket change i scoop off my dresser, rushing to work in the morning? is my cross just another piece of jewelry like the diamond in an athlete's ear, or the necklace Madonna drapes around her neck? or is my cross: my aging parents, whose confusion shatters my soul; is it the truth about my physical condition which no pill or treatment will ever change; is it the humpty-dumpty mess in which my children find themselves, and all of Mom's love and all of Dad's resources cannot put back together this time? Cross Bearer: i would prefer easier ones, so help me to bear the cross you offer to me. *************************************
Further Reflections
My 'cross' has never been one person, one situation, one condition, one unbearable thing or another. My cross/es are all those little markers I have dropped along the way to the Kingdom as I have struggled, and will continue to struggle, to be patient when I am too exhausted to care about another person, to be loving when I am so angry I would blow up the world if I could, to be as passionate about the poor as I am about my spouse, to be willing to deny myself without making sure everyone knows that sacrifice I am making. And what terrifies me most of all, what I lay awake about on most nights, is the realization that my cross/es, the ones which really weigh me down, which make my shoulders ache, which drive me to my knees, which I keep tripping over as I struggle to follow Jesus are labelled 'faith,' courage,' 'humility,' 'peace,' 'silence,' 'stillness.' These are the ones I have trouble taking up. (c) 2006 Thom M. Shuman

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Greenhills Community Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati, Ohio