Poem/prayer for Ordinary 10 (C)

Ordinary 10 June 10, 2007
Poem/Prayer for Worship by Thom Shuman
Tickle Me, God!
when i am down to my last few drops of the oil of obedience, and distractions hammer at my door inviting me to come out and play: fill me with that trust which has no end; when the flour of faith is but a dusting at the bottom of my heart and sin's silliness points me in the wrong direction: feed me with that love which never wears out; when i put my feet under the table for just a few hands of hold-em poker with death, and she moves 'all in': pull the chair out from under me and yank me to my senses; when i beleive there are no miracles left (at least, for me): tickle me with your grace till i ache with life.
(c) 2007  Thom M. Shuman

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Greenhills Community Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati, Ohio