Poem/prayer for Ordinary 24C

Ordinary 24 September 16, 2007
lost and ? by Thom Shuman
at the bus stop in front of the church, sits an old man waiting for his ride down to the library where he will spend yet another day searching for a friend in the loneliness; in a corner of the coffee shop, the single mother stretches her non-fat mocha grande latte till closing time, glancing up every time the door opens, to see if hope has walked in and spotted her; hidden in a knot of friends wandering the mall, the teenager longs for his parents to call, simply to know they care. now, which of you, having a hundred places to be and a million things to do, would leave them to go after these lost ones?
(c) 2007  Thom M. Shuman

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Greenhills Community Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati, Ohio