Prayers and Poem for Worship

Prayers for Worship Lent 2 by Ron Gordon

Mark 8: 31-38


Your ways, O God, are not as our ways. Your love reaches further and deeper than our love. Your wisdom surpasses all human knowledge. You have been prepared to pay the price of your people’s disobedience. In coming amongst us as Emmanuel, you were prepared to give all and to suffer rejection and be crucified. Holy and blessed are you, Father, and your Beloved whom you raised from death’s darkness to be the glory of your people Israel and to be a light to the Gentiles. Amen

Lord Jesus Christ, we confess that like Peter, we get things wrong, and mix up our expectations with your purpose, but you boldly tell us who you are and where your way will lead you, to cross and beyond. When we present you with prayers and deeds which cost us nothing: when we hope for cheap grace: Lord, have mercy. Lord Jesus in your sufferings and death we are granted the vision of the Father’s love which reaches beyond the furthest limits of human existence: grant us to know ourselves, recognize your costly grace and fall into line behind you as your all-too-human disciples: Christ, have mercy. We acknowledge, dear Lord, that we are not good at self-denial and that at all costs we want to save and indulge our lives, even when we know where that will lead us. We can make no special pleadings for ourselves when we read your Gospel. You have led the way, you are the way, the way that leads to the Father, through humble service, faithful obedience, and sufferings and death through which you are acknowledged as God’s own by being raised from death. In the light of your glory and our human failure and sinfulness: Lord, have mercy. Blessed is the Father in whose wisdom all is created, sustained and redeemed. Blessed is the Son by whom light and life are given to his people for their mission in the world. Blessed is the Spirit who lights the way for the people of Jesus, and confirms faith and grants hope and leads us into the love of the Glorious and Blessed Trinity, one God forever and ever. Amen. © 2009 Ron Gordon (used with permission)
Get Back by Jenn Gordon
Mark 8:31-38 when I first said follow me you did what makes you think the summons has changed simply because I’m showing you the way and you don’t approve get back to the start, remember the call to leave it all lose your fear I am I will be here (Comments to Jenn at