Prayers and Poem for Worship

Prayers for Worship Proper 9 by Ron Gordon

Mark 6: 1-13


Jesus of Nazareth, across the world you are hailed as Saviour but you were rejected by your own townsfolk. We pray you to cure the blindness which prevents us seeing qualities and possibilities in other people we imagine we know. Remove the lack of insight which fails to see God at work in you, and in our midst here and now. We ask in your name. Amen.

Eternal God, the giver of all wisdom and insight: the inspirer of the prophets whose words reveal your presence, power and salvation and who in the fullness of time became one with us in Jesus from Nazareth, we praise you for your love and mercy which endures forever. Lord Jesus, you were rejected by those who shared your early life, and you could not teach and work amongst them, because of their lack of faith. You invite us to talk with you, share with you and receive from you, and you ask us to believe in you. Give us eyes to see and ears to hear what you do in this world, and the ability, like your disciples to share this with others. Holy Spirit, you bring strength to the friends of Jesus in their work and witness in the world, even though at times we may suffer the same rejection given to Jesus in Nazareth. May you help us increase understanding of our mission in this world and have your aid to fulfil it. Lord we confess: that our preconceptions about other people cause us to dismiss them without understanding what they have to give and what they need to receive. Lord, have mercy. Lord we confess: that we fail by our reliance on forms of words and we do not give you the full acceptance and affection of our hearts which you ask for: Christ have mercy. Lord, we confess: that in the mission you gave us we are loaded down with so much surplus that we find life fruitless and futile, and long for the freedom to abandon all but you: Lord, have mercy. Glory to God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit who redeems people from their sins and is blessed for ever and ever. Amen. © 2009 Ron Gordon (used with permission)
mission by Jenn Gordon
Mark 6:1-13 how I longed to go home town that taught me to walk whose dusty streets I see in dreams filled with familiar rhymes of sight, sound and smell house of shelter, arms of welcome well-worn tales to tell but I could never go back once I had embarked on the journey because the box they kept for me was far too small and I can do no more than wonder at what they’re missing while I’m kissing them goodbye now I am sending you go, and be unencumbered by homesick longings for the past lest you should miss the raging, healing, babbling baptismal beauty of this day take nothing, shake off rejection, leave your unfettered blessing, and when the going gets too tough my flowing grace will be enough (Comments to Jenn at