Prayers and Poem for Worship

Prayers for Worship Proper 17 by Ron Gordon

Mark 7:1-8; 14-15; 21-23


God of boundless grace, in Jesus we see your liberating power at work freeing us from the self-imposed ‘rightness’ of our religious deeds, which puts God in our debt and elevates us over others. Jesus points us to the inwardness of corruption and vice, and offers us and all people, the forgiveness of sin in the new day which dawns in him. This is truly an unlimited free gift of our glorious God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, blessed for ever and ever. Amen.

Eternal God, the giver of law to guide our feet into your ways, in the fullness of time you have given us your Son who is the very fulfilment of Law and Prophets. His words are life and health to us for he considered human need his priority, and he gave himself in healing and teaching and in questioning those who imposed their understanding on others. By his life and death he revealed the depths of human wickedness and the abundance of your saving grace. Therefore you raised him to the heights. Lord Jesus, you do not allow us to hide under our religious pretensions, but you call us to live out in the sunshine of God’s grace, free from the captivity of delusions, and free from the struggle to make ourselves better than others. Lord, have mercy. Spirit of God, you speak the truth to our hearts about ourselves, and when that becomes hard to bear, you remind us of the grace of our Lord Jesus who gave himself to us and for us. Christ have mercy. Father, your love for us knows no limits, your gifts are free for all, and you offer us new life in Christ each day. Lord, have mercy. Your words of grace assure us of your forgiveness, and you sustain us, Glorious God, as your people in the world. To you be praise forever and ever. Amen. © 2009 Ron Gordon (used with permission)
heart song by Jenn Gordon
Mark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23 o heart, beware the beguiling game where surface questions seek to frame a simpler answer in the name of love look deep beneath distracting lights into the stillness of soul’s night where wrapped in darkness truth ignites with love and beating steady, sure and strong sing slowly your subversive song whose Word is spoken ages long in love don’t jump to judge the outward sign or wield the law as sword divine what matters is that grace entwine with love o heart, beware the beguiling game where surface questions seek to frame a simpler answer in the name of love (Comments to Jenn at