Prayers and Poem for Worship

Prayers for Worship Proper 12 by Ron Gordon

John 6:1-21


Lord God, who is this who feeds the hungry crowd and walks to his disciples across the angry sea? Our faith answers that you are present in Jesus with power to nourish and to save. In him your grace, mercy and peace are present in human form. Glory to God forever.

Lord God of Israel, creator of all that is, by your prophets you gave your law and sustained the call for justice and peace in the life of your people. You provided food in the wilderness, sustained them on their journey to the land you had promised and you suffered their rebelliousness and idolatry. In your time you gave us Emmanuel, God in our flesh, who gave himself to us and for us. You are worthy of all adoration. Lord Jesus Christ, truly Emmanuel, not only speaking words from God, but being God present to us, we are surrounded by mystery when we consider your words and deeds. We try to offer explanations appropriate to our understandings, but we fail unless we explore the option of faith. Lord, have mercy. Bread of life for the crowded world, we humans have never explored the possibility of grace for all our sisters and brothers in need of bread in this world; for the lacking the imagination of faith and love: Christ, have mercy. Spirit of God, help us grow in confidence in what God offers so that we know that all things are possible for those who hold to faith. Lord, have mercy. You assure us, Father, that when we turn to you, you do not turn from us but that we are accepted and forgiven. We offer you our gratitude and love, and pray that we may live for your glory, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, blessed forever and ever. Amen. © 2009 Ron Gordon (used with permission)
even the least by Jenn Gordon
John 6: 1-21 we who flee the monotony of breathing sheltering in shacks of sand gorging on garbage acquiring more and more and more stuff, would never follow you to a grassy hill without our picnic basket full because there’s always enough and nothing gets in the way of a latte so who are they un-numbed by satiated selves whose deep and desperate longing draws them to your feet to search, to sit, to satisfy and you do not deny a single one and nothing’s wasted, gather every crumb and though we fail to recognize you come into our fear because death’s dark, tempestuous seas are always near and in your presence we discover where we long to be and that even the least has a place at the feast (Comments to Jenn at