Loser's Church
Loser's Church
by Garth Stanton

This is a poem about Church,
To set the record straight -
Where, against the odds,
The Lord welcomes me.

Relief washed over me
As I realized
How fortunate I am
To have found the loser’s Church!

Scandalous to the righteous,
Bricks and mortar to the upright,
Anathema to the proud and angry –
Only losers need apply.

For, when the Lord
Says, “Come to my table”,
Saying, “I am not worthy”
Is the wrong response!

Of course, none of us
Are worthy!
But, that’s the point -
isn’t it?

Substituting my judgment,
My shame, my pride
For the Lord’s mercy,
Blocks the Spirit within me.

Each of us
Has to claim this loser’s Church
For their very own –
Coming home.