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Easter 5C

Commentaries and Lectionary Reflections (RC)

Commentaries and Lectionary Reflections (RCL)(2016)

Commentaries and Lectionary Reflections (RCL)(2013 to 2015)

(Resources listed here reference more than one reading and are normally shorter than the resources listed under the individual texts above. If you are looking to link the readings, check these resources.)

Commentaries and Lectionary Reflections (RCL)(2010 to 2012)

Commentaries and Lectionary Reflections (RCL)(Archives)

Music Suggestions

Prayers of the People

Worship Resources (2016)

Worship Resources (2013 to 2015)

Worship Resources (2010 to 2012)

Worship Resources (Archives)

  • Worship Resources

    by Jim Baldwin, Dori Jensen and Carol Dicks
  • Worship Resources

    by David Beswick
  • Worship Resources

    by Richard Fairchild
    ("A Russian peasant farmer who never left the small and parochial surroundings of his town had occasion to come the big city of Moscow. He arrived at the elegant hotel with mud on his boots and overalls looking completely inappropriate. The man at the desk assigned him to a room on the top floor and treated him as any other paying customer..." and other illustrations)
  • Worship Resources

    by Richard Fairchild
    ("I must tell you, though, that one Mom had a most revealing experience one Mother's Day. Her two children ordered her to stay in bed. She lay there looking forward to being brought her breakfast, as the inviting smell of bacon floated up from the kitchen..." and another short illustration)
  • Revelation 21

    Poem for Worship by Timothy Haut
  • Worship Resources

    by Katherine Hawker
  • Worship Resources

    by Peter Haynes
  • Worship Resources

    by Fran Ota and Mary Deak
  • Lector Works

    by Paul Schlachter

Powerpoint, Images and Clip Art for Worship

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