Matthew 9: 9-26

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  • Illustration

    by Susan Andrews
    ("Several years ago, M. Scott Peck and Harvard theologian Harvey Cox were co-leading a seminar for a group of Christians. At one point they read one of the gospel stories similar to the one we read this morning...")
  • Which Healing?

    by Paul Bellan-Boyer
    ("Myra Dean tells about the aftermath of the death of her son, Rich Stark: 'And the worst part is when you realize you're going to live, because you just want to die...")
  • Like Spring Rain

    by Phil Bloom
    ("A veteran Maryknoll priest told about praying with people during a time of distress: they were facing an terrible drought. Being subsistence farmers, the drought meant they would have crop of potatoes and barley...")
  • Mister Washington

    Les Brown
    A story about seeing the potential in others. Copyright 1995 by Les Brown. Reprinted with permission from A 3rd Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul, copyright 1996 by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. (This resource, as well as many others including a specially-priced package of the Chicken Soup books, is available at a discount through the Homiletic Resource Center.)
  • Preaching Helps

    by Scott Hoezee
    ("Whether it is because you lived through it or because you've seen plenty of documentary footage of it, the odds are that most people here this morning pretty well know what the term 'Beatlemania' means...")
  • Hope Against Hope

    by Sharon Jacobsen
    ("A mother was raising two sons alone. And in their teen years, both sons were challenging her to the limits --- bad choices, wrong friends, dangerous and risky behaviors...")
  • Give Me the Name that Means "God Will Save"

    by Craig Shirley
    ("Case in point is the ongoing saga of Carol Race, the mother of 6-foot, 225 pound Adam, a young man with autism. Carol and her husband John have tried to be faithful Catholics by attending Mass every Sunday. They bring their son with them. But Adam, because of his autism, has at times been very difficult to handle...")
  • A Chance to Be Made Whole

    by Billy D. Strayhorn
    ("A young man and woman had been dating for a long time. One starlit evening, the young man called up his sweetheart to ask her to go on a ride with him....")
  • Movies/Scenes Representing Healing

    Compiled by Jenee Woodard

Illustrated Resources from the Archives

  • ...and Sinners Came...

    by Robert Allred
    ("C. S. Lewis believed in God's Sanctifying Grace, and focused upon bringing our attitudes into alignment with those of Christ...")
  • The Blessing of Being Bad

    by Barbara Bundick
    ("Theologian Harvey Cox was shocked when he attended a Yom Kippur service for the first time. The service, which is all about repentance, begins with an extended prayer of confession...")
  • Low Standards

    by Barbara Bundick
    ("This has been quite a week in the news business. For those of you who remember the Watergate scandal, Deep Throat has come out of hiding...")
  • Worship Resources

    by Richard Fairchild
    ("During the Napoleonic Wars, a young battle-weary French soldier fell asleep while on guard duty. He was court-martialled, found guilty and sentenced to death...")
  • Wandering in the Wilderness

    Poetic Sermon by Frank Fisher
  • I Desire Mercy, Not Sacrifice

    by Jerry Fuller, OMI
    ("Hospitality in the Mideast is so ingrained a practice and a virtue that the stranger is always welcome, the bread is always broken, and the cup shared. But people did this only with their own kind. The open-handed approach of Jesus broke down barriers...")
  • When God Calls Ordinary People

    by Vince Gerhardy
    ("Doris Taylor was born in SA, 1909. When she was seven an accident caused injury to her spine and she was almost continuously in hospital for the next 9 years. At the age of 16 she was very seriously disabled - she couldn’t turn her head, sit up, or even feed herself...")
  • Ordinary 10 (2005)

    by Andrew Greeley
    ("Once upon a time there was this politician who was a good family man and a devout Catholic. He went to Communion every Sunday and contributed to the support of his pastor (what more could be asked)...")
  • Ordinary 10

    by Andrew Greeley
    ("Once upon a time there was a suburban parish that had a reputation for being a "great" parish – there was something for everyone. The preaching was good; the priests were understanding; the choir outstanding; the people involved...")
  • Taxman

    by George Harrison & John Lennon
  • Pentecost 3

    by Roger Haugen
    ("Next-wave magazine tells the story of a group of people who struggled with this same problem. Jason Evans writes, I was tired of the church, as I knew it. It was an event, a building, a program...")
  • Faith Can Do Anything God Can Do!

    by John Jewell
    ("God can do anything!', my friend Jimmy Turner told Angus Burke. They were having this big argument about about Danny Rosenfield who was critically ill with leukemia...")
  • Our Ministry of Blessing

    by Fred Kane
    ("It was a snowy and cold evening in Rapid City, South Dakota when our choir director Joan Goschke brought the rehearsal to an end. After a while the usual after-choir chatter centered on next week's Thanksgiving holiday...")
  • Old Wineskins

    by Anne Le Bas
    ("Back in the early 80's, when I was living in Hull, a social worker friend of mine told me about an elderly man she'd recently had to deal with. He'd been re-housed from an inner city slum that was being demolished, into a modern house on the outskirts of the city, on a vast new, housing estate...")
  • An Imperfect Apprentice

    by John Manzo
    ("In his book The Last Word, Willimon tells a story of serving one of his churches as a pastor. They decided to do a door to door canvassing of the community to invite people to church. Most of the people going door to door were older women who belonged to a weekly Bible study...")
  • Be a Blessing

    by James McCrea
    ("Bob was the perfect antithesis of anything that was considered cool and, in fact, long before anyone had created the stereotype of a nerd, Bob was living the Geek dream...")
  • Faith on the Fringes

    by James McCrea
    ("Many years ago, I worked for the Farm Bureau Insurance Company. Their slogan was 'Where Belonging Makes a Difference,' because they required all of their clients to join the Farm Bureau before they could purchase any kind of insurance from them...")
  • Living on Credit

    by James McCrea
    ("A couple of people from our church had been in a serious car accident. The mother was injured, but she was going to be o.k. However, things didn't look quite so rosy for the little five-year-old girl...")
  • Feeling Useless?

    by Nathan Nettleton
    ("Have you ever noticed how when Hollywood attempts to film any of the biblical stories they go all funny. In movies like The Greatest Story ever Told which still seems to get repeated every Easter, the actors all sound like they’re trying to do Shakespeare or something. They do these strange speeches in weird voices with a sort of dreamy, over-dramatic affectedness...")
  • Befriending Even The Weirdo

    by John Pavelko
    ("Roy Lee was just warning his best friend Homer Hickam that by talking to Quentin, the school nerd, he would be ruining his reputation. But Homer ignored the warning because he had a dream; he wanted to build a rocket...")
  • Keeping Bad Company

    by Barry Robinson
    ("Once upon a time, a minister was traveling through a remote part of the State of Washington when he came across a flock of sheep crossing the road. He stopped his car to wait and soon the shepherd of the flock came by on horseback....")
  • Ordinary 10

    by T. Matthew Rowgh
    ("A priest was leaving church one evening as the Alcoholics Anonymous meting was about to adjourn. He noticed a man crouched over the hood of a rusty Ford smoking a cigarette, and so, introduced himself. The man sighed and told the priest how long he had intended to 'get back into church'...")
  • God's Talent Scout

    by David Russell
    ("Once upon a time, there was a Talent Scout. Not just any talent scout, mind you. This was not a scout for the Yankees who discovered high school phenoms; this was not a musical talent scout who put together the latest made-to-order boy band, filling slots for the latest incarnation of the Backstreet Boys...")
  • Welcome At The Table

    by David Russell
    ("Frederick Buechner suggests that rather than being a completely spontaneous response, Matthew had been preparing for this day for some time. He had grown weary of working for the Romans. He knew he wanted something more, something better, out of life...")
  • Going Through the Motions

    by Norm Seli
    ("Around my house I cut the grass. I do it because I don’t want my wife to have to do it. You might wonder why I would cut the grass when I have three young men living at home? Because they wait too long to do it… and my wife ends up doing it...")
  • The Challenge, The Call, The Cure

    by Billy D. Strayhorn
    ("I ran across an old story about a man who was visiting a friend who had five children. Dad got called to the phone which left the man with the kids. He asked one of the little girls about her doll collection: 'Which one is your favorite?'...")
  • Mercy, Not Sacrifice

    by Billy D. Strayhorn
    ("I have to thank Navy Chaplain Robert J. Phillips for the inspiration behind this sermon. He wrote a sermon starter in Circuit Rider which took me back to my days in the Coast Guard and set me on this tack...")
  • What They Left Behind

    by Billy D. Strayhorn
    ("I just read a story about this woman who was visiting a church for the very first time one Sunday. That Sunday, the sermon wasn't like any of mine. It was one of those droners that just seemed to go on forever...")
  • The Fear That We Cannot Change

    by Alex Thomas
    ("When I was working with people with addictions to alcohol and other drugs, there was a man on my caseload, an alcoholic, who had been a frequent visitor to the clinic for many years. We will call him Jim. Jim had been through many treatment programs on both an in-patient and out-patient basis...")
  • Lost and Found

    Narrative Sermon by Pamela J. Tinnin
  • Take Heart

    Narrative Sermon by Pamela J. Tinnin

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