Galatians 2: 11-21

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  • God Absorbed

    by Daniel Bollerud
  • Graciousness of Grace

    by Daniel Bollerud
  • Helping Ourselves?

    by Alan Brehm
  • Justification by Faith

    by Daniel Brettell
  • Proper 6C (2010)

    by Jaime Clark-Soles
  • Lectionary Blog

    from Desperate Preacher
  • Believing What You Heard

    by Rob Elder
    Bob Dylan recorded a song many years back which comes to my mind. I always hesitate just a moment when I use the words “Dylan” and “song” in the same sentence, since his car-needs-new-brake-pads voice can sometimes grate on us before he gets to the first chorus. Anyway, his lyrics are the things that have always made his songs go, like “Blowin’ in the Wind.” The song I’m thinking of had this refrain in it: “You got to serve somebody.” And we all know intuitively, Bob Dylan is absolutely right. Everybody has to serve somebody or something. If it is personal freedom that is our life’s main goal, then we serve that. If it is career, or children, or family, or education, or fame, or being the best golfer or tennis player in the city, then we serve one of those things. None of us gets to go through life without putting something first, even if by accident...
  • Proper 6C (2010)

    by Phil Heinze
  • Proper 6C (2010)

    by Wesley White
  • Justified

    by Sue Whitt

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