Hebrews 12: 18-29

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  • Proper 16C (2019)

    by Timothy L. Adkins-Jones
  • Sermon Starters (Proper 16C)(2019)

    by Doug Bratt
    When his adoptive brothers and sisters look into Jesus’ fierce but loving eyes at Zion, we see something that’s perhaps similar to what Narnia’s children saw in Aslan the lion. When Mr. and Mrs. Beaver first tell the children about him, Lucy responds by saying, “I think I should be quite frightened to meet a lion. Tell me, is he a safe lion?” “Safe?” Mr. Beaver answers. “’Course he’s not safe. But he’s good.” Those who meet Aslan or even just hear his earth-shaking roar are appropriately awe-filled. They know ripping them to shreds in a moment would be little more than swatting flies for Aslan. Yet when Lucy and the others look into Aslan’s eyes, they see something that makes them want nothing but him. They see a kindness and tenderness that’s fiercely determined to show them love.
  • Proper 16C (2019)

    by Joseph Cunningham
  • The Unshakable Kingdom

    by Richard Davis
  • The Journey to Perfection

    by Russ Dean
    In the spring, sudden storm on the upper reaches of the world’s highest mountain trapped some of the best climbers in the world, and the slopes of Mt. Everest are littered with more bodies. In 1921 the British explorer, George Mallory, made the first extensive attempt on the summit which the “Sherpa people of northern Nepal refer to… as Chomolungma, [which is] Tibetan for “Goddess Mother of the World”. Three expeditions later, he disappeared just 800 feet below the 29,035-foot summit. The first successful summit was achieved in 1953 when Tenzing Norgay, a Nepalese Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary made the ascent. By the mid-1990s over 4000 people had braved the dangers of storm and ice, each one following Mallory’s reasoning, simply “Because it is there”...
  • Exegesis (Hebrews 12:18-29)

    by Richard Donovan
  • Proper 16C (2019)

    by Phil Heinze
  • Recurring Motifs (Hebrews)

    Art and Faith by Lynn Miller

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