Romans 11: (1-2) 13-15, 29-32

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  • Proper 15A (2017)

    by Jason Buckwalter
  • Proper 15A (2017)

    by Robert Crouch
  • Proper 15A (2017)

    by Scott Hoezee
    For some reason Romans 11 and its words about God as at once kind and severe put me in mind of the wizard Gandalf from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Gandalf was often a bit of mystery to the Hobbits who revered him. He could be at turns deeply kind and mirthful and yet sometimes apparently rather severe and curt. Yet in the end the Hobbits learned a deeper truth about Gandalf: he was fundamentally kind and good and if at times there was a severity about him, it did not last long and even this was somehow rooted in Gandalf’s bottom line desire to see everyone flourishing. He was severe about what blocked delight and goodness but it was his basic kindness and love that drove everything he did.
  • Paul's Lament and Hope

    by Bruce K. Modahl
  • Proper 15A (2017)

    by Robert Moses

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