Ezekiel 2: 1-7

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  • Proper 9B (2018)

    by Charles Aaron, Jr.
  • Looking Back

    by Daniel Bollerud
  • When a Loss Is a Win

    by Delmer Chilton
    My younger son was playing coach-pitch baseball. They weren’t a very good team, losing a lot more often than they won. They were 7 years old, and most of them had the attention span of a gnat. They spent most of their time jostling and picking on each other. They seldom knew much about what was going on, even when they themselves were at bat or in the field. After each game was over, as they lined up to shake hands with the other team, I would hear the boys ask the coach, “Did we win? Did we win?” If the coach said “yes,” they would cheer; if the coach said “no,” they would kick the ground. Then they would say, “What’s for snack?”...
  • Proper 9B (2018)

    by J. Craig Dillman
  • Strange Eats

    by Nikki Hardeman
  • Proper 9B (2018)

    by Phil Heinze
  • Proper 9B (2015)

    by Phil Heinze
  • Proper 9B (2015)

    by Tyler Mayfield

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