Genesis 17: 1-16

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  • Abraham, Sarah and Laughter

    by Frederick Buechner
  • A Name Change

    by Laurie Gudim
  • Lent 2B (2021)

    by Phil Heinze
  • Blessings

    by Kelley Land
  • Sermon Starters (Lent 2B)(2021)

    by Stan Mast
    I know that this illustration is embarrassingly familiar, but it captures the difference between involvement and commitment. When you sit down to a breakfast of bacon and eggs, you owe your nourishment that morning to a hen and a pig. Both are represented on your plate, but there’s a big difference. The hen made a contribution. The pig made a commitment. The hen got involved. The pig gave a piece of himself. The God of the covenant made a commitment to bless, a commitment that resulted in God giving himself to and for us. How have we responded? With some involvement in the things of God or with commitment to God that might cost us dearly?
  • The Rainbow Covenant

    by Jim McCrea
    My wife’s brother Doug lives in the foothills above Fort Collins, Colorado. Their backyard opens on the city’s reservoir, which means they can go swimming and boating immediately outside their house — not that they probably do much of that in this weather. One of our favorite places to go when we visit Doug and his family is Estes Park, a colorful small town up in the mountains, which is situated at the entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s about an hour long drive from Fort Collins which takes you through the Big Thompson River Canyon. As you drive along that highway, you see see the steep canyon walls on either side of the road and a number of small fishing cabins scattered alongside the Big Thompson River, which isn’t big at all. Instead, it’s more like a narrow mountain stream. Rumor even has it that mountain goats sometimes play on the sides of those steep cliffs, although I’ve never seen any of them there. In any case, it’s been an almost idyllic setting every time we’ve been there. However, that wasn’t the case on July 31, 1976. On that day, a storm stalled over the canyon, causing it to drop 12 inches of rain in just four hours. The canyon acted more or less as a funnel, channeling all of that water urgently downstream, forming a wall of water 20 feet high. That flash flood resulted in the deaths of 143 people...
  • Multitude

    Art and Faith by Lynn Miller
    What makes a multitude? The Century Dictionary splits some hairs about what is and isn't a multitude. According to their definition a multitude gives ample room to each person, however great the number may be. A throng or crowd is smaller than a multitude but gathered together. A throng presses together or forward. A crowd is close enough together to be uncomfortably in contact with one another. By a strict definition Abraham will be the ancestor of lots of people who all have ample room. Think about what that means for life on earth. Everyone has ample room...
  • Lent 2B (2021)

    by Justin Michael Reed
  • Looking at Rainbows

    by Michael Ruffin
  • Lent 2B

    by Howard Wallace et al

Resources from 2018 to 2020

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  • God's Promise of Presence

    by Mary Schaller Blaufuss
    Scroll down the page for this resource.
  • Lent 2B (2018)

    by Doug Bratt
    Those who proclaim Genesis 17 might choose to share a bit about the genesis of their own names. I, for example, once asked my parents why they gave me the name “Douglas.” Did they perhaps name me for a military hero of the Second World and Korean Wars? Or did we perhaps live near some dark stream, as the meaning of my name suggests? “No,” my parents sighed. My name was a compromise. In fact, my mom and dad couldn’t even remember one of the names between which they’d chosen. My wife and I vowed to be different with our own children’s names. They’d mean something we could later tell them. So Diane and I named our eldest “Jonathan” because he was, indeed, a gift from God. We named our second son “Timothy” because we hoped he’d live for God’s honor...
  • Covenant Promises

    by Bob Cornwall
  • No Turning Back

    by Jim Eaton
  • Lent 2B (2018)

    by Wil Gafney
  • One Sided Covenant?

    by Evan Garner
  • The Patriarch's Journey

    by Owen Griffiths
    When I think of Abraham and his journey—which is a heck of a story, and if you haven’t read it in a while you should look at it again (Genesis 12-25)—I think of my own dad. My illustrious patriarch did what a lot of guys his age did when they returned from military service in the Second World War. He took his wife and journeyed west, leaving his home and family on the East Coast and ventured in search of the Promised Land in Southern California. My parents settled in San Diego where they produced my two sisters and my dad went to work in the aerospace industry...
  • What's in a Name

    Video Starter with Nikki Hardeman
  • By Another Name

    by Peter Haynes
  • Lent 2B (2018)

    by Phil Heinze
  • Laughing at God

    by John Holbert
  • Radical Faith

    by Nicholas Lang
  • The Blessing of Generations

    by Kate Matthews
    includes several quotes
  • When the Divine Watch Has Stopped

    by Jim McCrea
    In the April 1997 issue of Readers Digest, Clarence Hall tells of his trip to see the Christian sites in Israel. He happened to be in Jerusalem on Easter morning, so he very much wanted to attend the Easter sunrise service at the Garden Tomb, one of the two places thought to be possible locations for Jesus’ crucifixion, burial and resurrection. Hall was so excited about the service that he couldn’t sleep; the night before seemed endless. In his anxiety, he turned to the Christian Arab who had promised to be his guide and asked him if the night would ever end. Here’s how he describes what happened next, “Abdul’s face in the candle light rebuked me. ‘Never fear, my friend. The day will come. You can’t hold back the dawn.’...
  • Her New Name (Genesis)

    Images for Worship by Lynn Miller
  • A Promised Holy Land?

    by Nathan Nettleton
  • Lent 2B (2018)

    by Matt Rundio

Resources from 2015 to 2017

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Resources from 2009 to 2014

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