Genesis 29: 15-28

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  • Wrestling with Faith

    by Alison Sampson
  • Laban

    by Frederick Buechner
  • Rachel

    by Frederick Buechner
  • What Goes Around

    by John Holbert
  • Proper 12A (2014)

    by Esther Menn
  • The Morning After

    by Linda Fabian Pepe
  • Proper 12A (2014)

    by Wesley White
  • Love Is Patient

    by Carl Wilton
    It happened in an airport: in the waiting area by one of the gates. It was one of those terrible days when there’d been bad weather, and a great many flights had been canceled. Well, those of you who travel know what happens when flights are canceled: there’s a mad rush to re-book on other flights. At this particular gate, the flight was already full. But there were several passengers, bumped from other flights, who were crowding the desk. “Please be patient,” said the gate agent. “We’ve got you all on standby. We’ll let you know as soon as something opens up.” So, the standby passengers all sat down: except for one man, a business executive. “You know,” he growled, “I was booked in first class on the other flight, the one that was canceled.” “Yes, I know, sir. Please sit down. Make yourself comfortable. We’ll call you.”

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