Genesis 6: 1-22; 7:24

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  • Yes, It's Good

    Video with Eric Anderson
  • A Sprig of Hope

    by Frederick Buechner
  • Flood and Promise

    Podcast with Rolf Jacobson, Craig Koester and Kathryn Schifferdecker
  • Why Did God Choose a Flood?

    by Kathryn Johnston
  • Liminal Lent: Noah

    by Beth Quick
    Some years back, the movie Evan Almighty came out, a follow up to Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty. In Evan Almighty, actor Steve Carrell plays a modern-day Noah. He’s newly elected to Congress, and looking to change the world, but he’s also looking to get ahead, to make a name for himself. And then he’s told to by God to build an ark. He doesn’t get an explanation, just a command that he slowly, reluctantly, bit by by starts to follow. Everyone else thinks he is ridiculous. They mock him. They shun him. But he holds firm, and eventually, through a strange series of events, his building the ark helps uncover corruption in his community...
  • The Ark and the Rainbow

    by David Russell
    As most of you will remember, earlier this summer a soccer team and their coach were trapped in a cave in Thailand when heavy rains came and the cave flooded. The team went missing on June 23. Divers began searching for them on June 25 but had to suspend their searching for hours and even days at a time when rains came and flooded them out. Nine days after being trapped, the boys were located by a British diving team. The next day, seven Thai Navy Seals, including a doctor, made the 6 hour journey to the boys, bringing supplies. Four of them, including the doctor, stayed with them underground for the rest of their time in the cave. They were the very last to exit. The soccer team was trapped about 2 ½ miles from the entrance, at the end of what one diver called an underground obstacle course of rocky chambers, half-flooded canals and fully submerged sections. One of those fully submerged sections was 350 meters in length, more than 3 football fields, and the water was so muddy, he said it was like “swimming in coffee.” Experts said that realistically, given the shape they were in, they expected that if all went well, 60% of the boys would make it out alive. But the odds were decreasing all the time, and more heavy rain was on the way. So they made the difficult decision to go forward with the rescue...
  • Noah's Ark

    by Nathan Williams
  • Just Remember

    by Carl Wilton
    President George H.W. Bush liked to tell the story of something that happened to him once, on one of his official visits as President. That particular day he was touring a nursing home. As the President walked down the hall, trailed by his entourage of aides and reporters, he came upon an old man, who was slowly making his way towards him, leaning heavily on the hand rail. The President reached out, took the patient’s hand, and gently asked him,“Sir, do you know who I am?” The man stared back blankly, but then his eyes focused. Slowly he shook his head from side to side. “No,” he admitted, “I don’t know who you are. But if you ask the nurses they can tell you.”...

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