Isaiah 62: 1-5

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  • Epiphany 2C (2019)

    by Charles Aaron, Jr.
  • The Lord's Delight

    by Stephen Clyborne
    Fred Craddock told the story of a time he and his wife were having dinner at a restaurant in Tennessee, when an old man started talking to them, asking them how they were doing and if they were enjoying their visit. When the old man asked Dr. Craddock what he did for a living, Dr. Craddock told the older gentleman that he was a Christian minister; and the old man said, “I owe a great deal to a minister of the Christian church.” The old man sat down at their table and started to explain that he was born without knowing who his father was; and at the time when he was growing up in the early twentieth century, not knowing who his father was made him feel a great deal of shame. One day, in his early teens, he began to attend a little church back in the mountains; and for some reason, he really liked the pastor so much that he decided to go back again, and then again. In fact, he started attending just about every week. But his shame went with him every time he went. This poor little boy would always arrive late and leave early in order to avoid talking to anyone. But one Sunday, before he could get out, he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned around to see the preacher, a big tall man, looking down at him. He thought he knew what the preacher was thinking, and that he was probably going to ask whose son he was. But before he could say anything the preacher told him that he knew he was. “You’re a child of God,” the preacher said. “I see a striking resemblance. Now go claim your inheritance.” Fred Craddock was so moved by the story that he had to ask the old man his name. “Ben Hooper,” and Fred Craddock recognized him as the two-term governor of Tennessee...
  • Called by a New Name

    by Bob Cornwall
  • Epiphany 2C (2019)

    by Phil Heinze
  • Epiphany 2C (2016)

    by Phil Heinze
  • What's in a Name

    by John Holbert
  • As the Bridegroom Rejoices over His Bride (Isaiah)

    Art and Theology by Victoria Jones
  • Give God No Rest

    by David Keck
  • Epiphany 2C (2019)

    by Stan Mast
    On my desk right now is an indescribably elaborate invitation to a wedding. “Mr. and Mrs. Jones and Mr. and Mrs. Smith (obviously not real names) invite you to the wedding of their children at the wedding chapel on June 15.” No expense was spared in these parents’ efforts to make this wedding a glorious event. In the Gospel of Jesus Christ, foreshadowed in our text, God announces to his estranged wife that he will spare no expense in his effort to renew their relationship. It is not so much an elaborate invitation to a wedding. It is an eloquent announcement of God’s firm intention to renew our covenantal vows and start over again, and again, until the glory finally shines out into the world...
  • Epiphany 2C (2019)

    by Eric Paul
  • Epiphany 2C (2016)

    by Callie Plunket-Brewton

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