Psalm 114: 1-8

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  • Sermon Starters (Easter Sunday)(B)(2021)

    by Scott Hoezee
    A rather liberal pastor who said he did not believe in the resurrection as a literal event once said that he thinks he is not the only one who does not really believe in Christ’s rising again. As proof, he said that if he actually believed in Easter, he would be running through the streets daily telling everyone he meets about it. And yet even more conservative Christians who profess a belief in the resurrection don’t spend their lives doing that kind of fervent witnessing. And so, this pastor concluded, are those who reject him for his liberalism all that different in the end? He has a point. We could counter it by saying that leading transformed lives and how that shows up in how Christians interact with all people and conduct themselves just generally at home and at school and at work is itself a witness to the power of Christ in us. Of course, that does not always happen smoothly or as consistently as we might want either. But the point remains: do we live and act and talk and behave in ways that show we truly believe that we live in a world where a resurrection took place? And if we can find areas of our lives that show no evidence of celebrating and leaning into that reality, what might we ask the Holy Spirit to help us do about that?

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  • Rough Translation

    by John Alsup
  • Lectionary Blog (Psalm 114)

    from Desperate Preacher
  • Reflections

    by Tom Harries
  • Proper 19A (2017)

    by Stan Mast
    It should be fairly easy to illustrate how central the absence of God is in human experience. Serious literature and film are filled with it. So is history. My “favorite” example is that horrific scene from Eli Wiesel’s classic account of the Holocaust, Night. To further subdue the Jewish prisoners in a death camp, the sadistic commandant has a child crucified in the presence of the entire camp. As they gaze in stunned horror, one agonized voice cries, “Where is God?” Another voice answers, “Up there! On that cross!”
  • Singing the Psalm

    by Dale Schoening
  • Proper 19A

    by Howard Wallace
  • Proper 19A (2002)

    by Garth Wehrfritz-Hanson
  • Proper 19A (2014)

    by Wesley White

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