Psalm 48

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  • Great Is the Lord

    by Bob Cornwall
  • Bible Leads (Psalm 48)

    from Deeply Plaid
  • Lectionary Blog (Psalm 48)

    from Desperate Preacher
  • Preaching Helps (Proper 9B)(2018)

    by Stan Mast
    The absolute certainty about the homeland being secure in Psalm 48:8 stands in stark contrast to our fearful preoccupation with security today in North America, particularly in America. We talk about border security, go through airport security, and invest in internet security. The fear of a security breach has us running for all manner of devices and procedures and structures that will keep us safe. Psalm 48 calls us to the source of ultimate security.
  • Perennial Praises

    by Hedley Palmer
  • Proper 9B (2018)

    from Plain Account
  • Abounding in Thanksgiving

    by David Russell
    There is another drag on gratitude that can be especially prevalent this time of year. Do you remember the TV show Frasier? There is an episode where Frasier and his brother Niles are in the coffee shop when Niles says to Frasier, “Are you happy?” Frasier turns the question back to Niles: “Why do you ask?” Niles responds, “It’s just that I saw an orphan receive a pair of cheap shoes. And there was such an expression of gratitude on his face. He was so happy. Why was he so happy? Here I am wearing a pair of $400 shoes. I look at them and wonder if I even really like them. Do you like them? They have tassels. I don’t really like tassels. What do you think?” And this sets it up for Frasier to spend the rest of the show deciding if he is happy and what makes him happy....
  • Proper 9B (2015)

    by Wesley White
  • Proper 9B (2012)

    by Wesley White

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