HUSTLED, by Tonya Flynt-Vega ($20)

WJK: 0-664-22114-9

"I am the pornographer's daughter. And if I am successful in my lifetime, pornography, at least to some degree, will have stopped with me."

Thus Tonya Flynt-Vega, daughter of pornographer Larry Flynt, sums up her motivation for writing this book. A harrowing account of violated childhood, it is her compelling manifesto against pornography.

Tonya Flynt-Vega experienced firsthand the inside of the Hustler empire. But years of abuse left her shattered and acting out in self-destructive ways. Finally, Flynt-Vega overcame her fear of her father and fled the man and his world that offered her wealth and glamour. She turned to the church, learning to love God and to forgive those who nearly destroyed her life--and learning to accept herself.

"My walk has been from fear to faith. My crusade is not against my father, but against an evil tearing the very fabric of society. I have seen the violence of those who are addicted to pornography. But instead of running for cover, I am emboldened."

Now, Flynt-Vega reveals the truth about Larry Flynt, and shows how he used his own sexually-explicit media to justify sexual violence in the family. She offers profound insight into the dangers of pornography, showing why it must be challenged, and that it can be challenged without violating the First Amendment. And she demonstrates why pornography is far from a victimless crime.

Hustled is the story of a lost childhood, of a daughter's desperate hope for a father's love, and of ultimate triumph. It is both a powerful indictment of a multibillion-dollar industry and an affirmation of faith in the face of adversity. "For me and my family, there is no turning back. Larry Flynt is my father, and his empire is the enemy. I am fighting what may be the greatest menace in America today, one that threatens women, children, and, ultimately, the soul of our society. My journey has been long, and it has not been easy. I have been threatened. My faith has been challenged. But I have persevered."

T 0 N Y A F L Y N T - V E G A has appeared on The 700 Club, Inside Edition, A&E's Biography, and many other television and radio programs. She lives in Florida.

T E D S C H W A R Z is the author of more than 85 books, including The Kennedys: The Third Generation, The Hillside Strangler, and Free Speech and False Profits: Ethics in the Media.

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