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Two best-selling works, To Live Again and Beyond Our Selves complete in one volume.

Catherine Marshall's grace-filled writings have inspired and delighted spiritually discerning readers for so many years. Now two of her most cherished books - here combined for the first time ever - will touch your heart and point you, in different ways, toward a deeper relationship with God.

Catherine Marshall's world disintegrated on a January morning in 1949. Her beloved husband, Peter, a gifted preacher and chaplain of the United States Senate, was dead in the prime of his life. His widow, newly convalesced from a serious illness and now busy caring for their young son, was alone. She had never balanced a bank account, consulted a lawyer, held a job, or read an insurance policy. She had barely begun to learn how to drive. But Catherine was not all alone. The undergirding power and presence of God was her precious daily companion. Her faith in God and in his power to change her life not only kept her from being overwhelmed by grief but in fact transformed her grief -- bringing new life, new hope, and new joy.

Filled with timeless comfort and inspiration, To Live Again - Catherine's deeply personal memoir of grief and healing -- has spoken to the hearts of millions of people who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Her heartfelt wisdom and gentle understanding will give you hope and peace in the midst of your own most difficult times. To Live Again intimately explores Catherine's devastating inner struggles after her sudden widowhood. At the last, faith overcomes fear, joy overcomes grief, and love overcomes loneliness.

Catherine takes you further along on a spiritual journey with Beyond Our Selves. Chronicling her own spiritual adventures with sensitivity and insight, she shows you exactly how to meet God and how to move from a simple belief in Him to an intimately personal relationship with Him. Her precious insights and compelling real-life stories will open your eyes and your heart to the powerful reality of the Christian faith.

Catherine opens her private journal to carefully explore the questions that every honest seeker asks - Does God really hear and respond to us? Why does he allow evil things to happen? Does He still heal? How and why should we pray?

From God's character to our need for forgiveness, this handbook gently leads you through the first steps of Christian faith - or perhaps walks you through them again when life's difficulties bring questions and doubts. Catherine's practical guidance will encourage you to trust your heavenly Father with your heart, your mind, and your life, no matter what your circumstances.

Honest, stirring, and filled with wisdom and courage, these two unforgettable classics by a beloved writer will launch you on an unforgettable spiritual adventure.

Catherine Marshall wrote more than twenty books - many of them the fruit of her own difficult life experiences. Her spiritual biography of her first husband, A Man Called Peter, became an instant bestseller in 1957, and her novel Christy recently became the basis of a popular television series. Her other best-selling titles include: Julie, Adventures in Prayer, A Closer Walk and The Helper.

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