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Includes two best-selling works, Something More and A Closer Walk.

Catherine Marshall, America's most beloved spiritual writer, guides her readers toward a joyful new life of affirmative experiences in this collection of two of her most popular works.

In Something More, Catherine blends autobiography, dramatic narrative and Biblical lesson as she shares her spiritual quest through personal tragedy and self--doubt, searching for new answers and old truths while re-examining her own faith. She offers sound and inspiring help for families suffering estrangements and other difficulties, realizing the joy of finding the One to whom you can turn for help. Truth is always something that God has to share with us.

In A Closer Walk, Catherine reveals her spiritual lifeline to God in selections from her personal journals. Each passage of this moving book is radiant with the spiritual understanding that guided her in her attempts to overcome worry, illness, material temptation, the fear of death, resentment, impatience and much more.

Her struggles and discoveries as she studied the passages of Scripture will inspire you as you strive for a closer, more intimate walk with your Lord.

In this heart-warming collection, Catherine Marshall shares her insights, comfort and encouragement to help you cope with the crises, both large and small, of everyday life.

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