MEETING PRAYERS by Philip Verhalen ($9.95)*

LTP: 0-8146-2772-2

Meeting Prayers is a practical compilation of prayers which set a spiritual atmosphere for the beginning and end of meetings.

Meeting Prayers incorporates the needs of the faith community with the spiritual needs of participants at meetings. These prayers flow from a wide selection of scriptural and literary sources. Celebrating the unity and diversity of the members in the community, each prayer appeals to the often puzzling experience of individual needs conflicting with the needs of the community.

Moving with each month of the year, Meeting Prayers lends support to the spiritual life of each participant who attends faith-building meetings. Each prayer includes a short introduction and background that follows the spirit of the liturgical year. The prayers bind the participant to the mystery and poetry that each season brings.

A practical resource, Meeting Prayers can be used for all meetings of a church organization, special gatherings of the faith community, and for personal reflection. The collection is thematically arranged and indexed for use in a variety of gatherings. Chapters are “Prayers for Each Month of the Year,” “Prayers for the End of Meetings,” and “Prayers in Anticipation of a Critical Meeting.”

Philip A. Verhalen, Ph.D., teaches Christian Life Cycles at Bellarmine Preparatory School in Tacoma, Washington. He is the author of Prayers for the Classroom, published by Liturgical Press.

". . . one of the most practical and helpful guideposts for the living of each day that I have ever read. It deserves to be read beyond meetings for everyday life. In the rush, hurry and tension of life today, it is important to develop the habit of taking time—of making time—to be quiet, to listen, to be still and grow. This book helps us to this end."

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