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Raymond E. Brown was Auburn Distinguished Professor of Biblical Studies at Union Theological Seminary (NYC) prior to his death in 1998 and was recognized throughout the world as one of the foremost commentators on John in our generation. This present work brings his career to full cycle. The first short book he wrote on John was in 1960 as part of The Liturgical Press' New Testament Reading Guide, a commentary that has been reedited several times. Then in 1966-67 there appeared in two volumes his 1400-page Anchor Bible Commentary on the Gospel, which received wide acclaim for the sweep of its scholarship and the intelligibility of its conclusions. In 1979 Brown broke new ground with The Community of the Beloved Disciple, a comprehensive attempt to describe the life of the Johannine church as it struggled with the brilliant but adventuresome theology of the Gospel. The maturing of a quarter century of reflections on John came with his 800-page Anchor Bible Commentary on the Epistles in 1982. Now he brings his work to full cycle by redoing his early effort to comment on the Gospel and Epistles briefly. In this book, he has summarized his reflections on these two great New Testament works in the same scope and format that he used in his first writing for The Liturgical Press nearly thirty years ago. Nowhere else will one find so concise a summary of Brown's understanding of the Johannine writings.

Raymond Brown's scholarship has been acknowledged both by his Church and by academia. He is the first person to have been president of all three major biblical societies: The Catholic Biblical Association, The Society of Biblical Literature, and the international Society for New Testament Studies. From 1972 to 1978 he was the only American on the Roman Pontifical Biblical Commission, an appointment, Pope Paul VI stated, accorded to twenty scholars "outstanding for their learning, prudence, and Catholic regard for the magisterium of the Church," and granted to Father Brown after consultation with the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.


Introduction to The Gospel According to John

Text and Commentary

Prologue: The Johannine Hymn

Part One: The Book of Signs

Part Two: The Book of Glory Epilogue: Appearances in Galilee

Introduction to the Epistles of John

Text and Commentary on First John

Text and Commentary on Second John

Text and Commentary on Third John

Passages Used As Lectionary Readings

Review Aids and Discussion Topics

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