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Renowned work by one of the foremost New Testament scholars, Raymond Brown.

From the experience of a lifeume of scholarship, preaching, teaching, and writing, Raymond E. Brown covers the entire scope of the New Testament with ease and clarity. He walks readers book by book through the basic content and issues of the New Testament. While a wealth of information is contained in these pages, the work's most impressive features are the basic summaries of each book, a historical overview of the ancient Greco-Roman world, discussions of key theological issues, and the rich supplementary materials, such as illustrative tables, maps, bibliographies, and appendices. Using this basic data, Brown answers questions raised by today's readers, relates the New Testament to our modern world, and responds to controversial issues, such as those raised by the Jesus Seminar.

Before his death in 1998, RAYMOND E. BROWN, S.S., PH.D., wass internationally regarded as a dean of New Testament scholars. As Auburn Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies at Union Theological Seminary in New York City, he has received some thirty honorary degrees from Catholic and Protestant universities worldwide, he has been elected a (Corresponding) Fellow of the British Academy and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. In addition to being past president of the Society of Biblical Literature, the Catholic Biblical Association, and the Society of New Testament Studies, he has been appointed by two Popes as the sole American on the Pontifical Biblical Commission. Brown has written more than thirty-five books on the Bible, including the acclaimed Anchor Bible Reference Library, as well as The Birth of the Messiah, Revised Edition and The Death of the Messiah.

If a person could own only one book on the New Testament, An Introduction to the New Testament is the title of choice. At least, that is what leading biblical scholars say:

"I know of no other book that so effectively does what this volume sets out to do-to introduce students to the books of the New Testament in a way to encourage and enable them to read these writings. The book is the result of a lifetime of scholarship. It deserves the wide use it is destined to have." -- EDGAR V. MCKNIGHT, PROFESSOR Of RELIGION, FURMAN UNIVERSITY

"At last, a topnotch introductory book for study of the New Testament! It is highly recommended for all Bible study groups, college students, seminarians, and pastors." -- Joseph A. Fitzmyer, S.J., GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY

"Although Raymond Brown avowedly writes for the student and not for his fellow scholars, it is safe to predict that his An Introduction to the New Testament will become a standard work and benchmark for both. Readers who have long admired Brown's erudition, thoroughness, and careful judgment will not be disappointed." --D. MOODY SMITH, JR., PROFESSOR OF NEW TESTAMENT, DUKE UNIVERSITY, DIVINITY SCHOOL

"Written in an eminently clear style, this Introduction will be a touchstone by which other popular introductions to the New Testament will be judged for years to come. It is a treasure trove of both reliable information and sober judgment." -- JOHN P. MEIER, PROFESSOR OF BIBLICAL STUDIES, THE CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF AMERICA

Once again Raymond Brown has written a magnum opus...a monumental piece of scholarship that speaks to experts and novices alike. If a person could own only one book on the New Testament, this is the one to have." --BRUCE M. METZGER, PROFESSOR OF NEW TESTAMENT, EMERITUS, PRINCETON THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY

"This is the best Introduction to the New Testament available. I know no better synthesis of New Testament scholarship today." --DANIEL J. HARRINGTON, S.J., PROFESSOR OF NEW TESTAMENT, WESTON JESUIT SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY; GENERAL EDITOR, NEW TESTAMENT ABSTRACTS "As the New Testament is emerging today, for the first time in history, as a legitimate field of academic exploration for Jewish readers, this is the premier text where I'll be directing my students for a fair weighing of the evidence...scholarship not measuring up to [Brown's] probing questions and reasoned responses may not be good scholarship at all!" -- RABBI MICHAEL J. COOK, PROFESSOR OF JUDAEO-CHRISTIAN STUDIES, HEBREW UNION COLLEGE, CINCINNATI, 0HIO

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