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Monumental work on the infancy narratives by the foremost Scripture scholar Raymond Brown.

Raymond Brown's commentary on the Gospel narratives of Jesus' infancy, The Birth of the Messiah, was widely acclaimed on its original publication in 1977 as an outstanding achievement, marked by comprehensiveness and clarity. Now, with this new edition, Brown brings his classic work completely up-to-date with all the latest research on the Christmas story.

Raymond Brown has been called by Time magazine "probably the premier Catholic Scripture scholar in the United States," and this work represents the very best of modern biblical criticism. In this volume, he combines his unique skills with insight into the scriptural concerns of the Gospel authors and the early Christian community. Throughout, Brown meticulously explores each facet of the nativity story from Jesus' conception, to the Annunciation, the travels of the magi, the watching shepherds, and the mysterious star.

In all, this is an unparalleled investigation into an all too neglected area of biblical research, and many have relied upon it as the only comprehensive and reliable guide to the infancy material. The Birth of the Messiah is the highest example of accessible, intelligible scholarship for Catholic or Protestant, priest or pastor, and interested readers of all kinds. With this updated edition, a classic is reborn.

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