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(Save 25% off the list price!) Subtitled: Overcoming the Obstacles to Belief.

Do you have trouble believing in God? Or do you believe in God but have trouble justifying your belief? Or are you among those who would like to believe but have trouble embracing organized religion in this age of high technology?

You're not alone. Author Tom Harpur, religion editor of the Toronto Sunday Star, explores these issues with his readers. His replies to their most troubling questions form the essence of this intriguing book - questions as far-ranging and provocative as:

With this engaging book, you can rediscover your spirituality and renew your belief in a loving God.

Chapter titles include:

"A timely and compelling book that acts as a road map to the inquiring mind .. easy to read and hard to put down .... This book answers a desperate need in today's world. Not only should it be read by doubters, skeptics, and wistful unbelievers, but by believers too .... To all those who have a nagging feeling that there must be more to this life but don't know how to describe or find it, Harpur's book offers a commonsense guide."--Carolyn Purden, Toronto Star

"Harpur [is] not just informing or ranting, but [he is] someone like me, someone who suffers doubts and yet struggles to touch a bigger reality. He's articulated something that bothers a lot of us: God is a certainty; the rest of the Christian belief package isn't."-- Calgary Herald

"Offers a reasoned, faith-full, searching examination of basic questions about religious belief today. Harpur penetrates layers of dogmatic assertion that human lust for power and political advantage have built up over centuries and rediscovers in religious belief a radical hope--a vision for a future world grounded in love, nonviolence, and a gradually evolving cosmic consciousness." -- Ottawa Citizen

"Faith for wistful unbelievers, Harpur opens the doors of heaven to creative doubters. Most people who fall away from Christianity probably can identify stumbling blocks to faith.., and one 'final straw' that swept them out the door. Harpur discusses many of these: science, miracles, guilt, sin, suffering, the role of evil, and Jesus as 'the only way' Buy the book; the answers are worth it.'-- Star Phoenix, Saskatoon

TOM HARPUR, columnist for the Toronto Sunday Star, Anglican priest, Rhodes Scholar, and former teacher of Greek and the New Testament, is a prominent writer on religious and ethical issues. He is the author of several books: Always on Sunday, For Christ's Sake, God Help Us, Harpur's Heaven and Hell, and, most recently, The Uncommon Touch. The ten-part television series Life After Death, first broadcast in 1996, is based on his book of the same title. Tom Harpur lives near Toronto, Canada.

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