TWELFTH ANGEL, THE by Og Mandino ($10)

BB: 0-449-91150-0

Nestled in the heart of New England, the proud community of Boland, New Hampshire, is honoring the return of one of its own. John Harding had it all: a high-powered career, a loving wife, and a beautiful seven-year-old son. Then, through a tragic twist of fate, John's life plummets from its peak to the utmost depths of despair. His wife and son are killed in a car accident. Shattered beyond hope, John withdraws into what's left of his world, teetering on the brink of suicide.

But soon there's a light: an old friend appears on his doorstep with comforting words and a favor to ask. He wants John to manage his old Little League team, the Angels. John reluctantly accepts. During the tryouts, he meets a hopelessly uncoordinated little boy named Timothy Noble. John finds himself drawn to this pint-sized player who bears a striking resemblance to his beloved son--and through this extraordinary relationship John finds the wisdom in living that he thought had slipped beyond his grasp forever ....

"Once again God has whispered something wonderful in Og Mandino's ear-- that something wonderful is The Twelfth Angel." --Larry Gatlin, Entertainer

"A very special story about life and love and courage... Og Mandino's The Twelfth Angel had tears running down my cheeks." - Merlin Olsen, Sportscaster and former football player.

"One of the most touching books that I have ever read. If every discouraged person would be motivated by its never-give-up spirit, there would be a lot more happy people." - Norman Vincent Peale

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