ANGELS WITHIN US, THE by John Randolph Price ($12.95)

RH: 0-449-90784-8

On the upward spiral of spiritual awakening lie twenty-two whirlpools of power-angels whose energies reach into each individual and affect our personal lives. But negative thoughts and feelings--fear, guilt, resentment, apathy, joylessness, or self-doubt--can block the vibrations of these inner archetypes, often begetting illness, discordant relationships, and problems with career, money, or sex.

The Angels Within Us shows how to pinpoint your own trouble spots, discover which angel waits beyond each, and ask it for guidance. In a step-by-step process that includes meditations, practical exercises, and examples of angelic conversations experienced by the author and others, you will meet the Angel of Unconditional Love and Freedom, catalyst of all the angels. You will then learn about the twenty-one other angels--each with its counterpart in classical mythology, world religions, the zodiac, the Tarot, and the Bible--whose energies are attuned to such realms as:

. To restore relations with all the angels is to be cosmically whole, vibrant, strong--and free, as you were created to be. The Angels Within Us guides you to that exalted, natural existence. By John Randolph Price.

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