LIFE IS WORTH LIVING (Videos) by Fulton Sheen ($19.95)


Fulton J. Sheen is eloquence at it's very best. A gift of love in a world of needs. In this superb collection of universal, timeless messages for all faiths, you will again experience the new wine of his presence. Bishop Sheen's words ring with answers for today's realities and changing world. They offer inspiring guidance, encouragement, peace of mind, philosophical daylight called "common sense" and spiritual comfort that touches every heart, "The Truth Will Make Us Free"

As a master story teller, he subtly connects events to life allowing our private vision to grasp new realities that rise up from old doubts and fears. Bishop Sheen was a first in television, a triumph of spirit over limitations. He was an author, columnist, editor, orator and a world citizen of peace. Joy and harmony, wit and wisdom are his seasons; sincerity is his essence.

You hear more words than a score of books and more information than Elizabethan man learned in his lifetime. Through Bishop Sheen, we get a closer look at our planet Earth caught in a portrait. His messages are beyond anticipation; His voice echoes with new hope; His eyes glisten like blue turquoise, and his love for us is a new rainbow; Rejoice and enjoy the colors. Lift up your heart. "Life is Worth Living.''

Ten videos are included in this set with two 30 minute programs each, as follows:

  1. False Compassion/Pain and Suffering;
  2. Stop the World, I Want to Get On/Why Work Is Boring;
  3. Psychology of the Rat Race/Psychology of Temptation;
  4. Are We More Neurotic Today?/Teens;
  5. Love Is a Many Splendored Thing/Three Intimacies of Love;
  6. Ages of Man/Is America's Religion Religious?;
  7. What Is Love?/Have You Been Tempted Lately?;
  8. Character Building/Woman With Five Husbands;
  9. Women Do Not Fail/What Makes a Mother; and,
  10. Meet a Stranger: Yourself/How to Have a Great Time
They may be ordered individually (at $17.95 each) or any five of your choice for $84.95 (save 20%!!), or as a full set of ten at a special price ($149.95: save 25%!). Please indicate your preference in the adjacent box. If you desire more than one, please select them in the text area available for that purpose on the order form. If ordering either set, the price will be adjusted upon receipt of your order but will not be reflected on your program-generated receipt.
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